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How To Transform Your Life & Become A Yoga Teacher

Watch This Masterclass Now And Discover How To Help Others & Prosper From Doing What You Love!

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    What You Will Learn

  • Three golden standards for a job, so you are fulfilled doing work that is meaningful to you

  • Levels of consciousness and how focusing on your passion raises your vibration, so you can live in love, joy, peace & freedom regularly

  • How to be in a yogic flow state, so that you are content with your life and work, free from boredom or anxiety

  • Know what’s holding you back (such as self-doubt and anxiety) so you can achieve your dreams and be the best version of You

  • How to build confidence, leadership & business skills so you have effective tools to help others 

By the end of this Masterclass you’ll emerge with clarity, that nothing can stop you from pursuing your dream life as a Yoga Teacher.

About Jennifer & Ramoncito

Jennifer Tang and Ramoncito Abella are the founders of Carja Yoga Academy – but they’re not just yoga teachers. They’re entrepreneurs, best friends (who were once lovers), coaches, trainers and mentors to Yoga Teachers, Coaches and Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Once stuck and unfulfilled in their jobs, Jennifer and Ramoncito found the courage to quit their corporate box, overcoming society’s expectations of what they should do, to pursue their passion in yoga. Now, both Jennifer & Ramoncito are earning a living doing what they love, and helping others do the same.

In addition to yoga, Jennifer is an author of the upcoming book, “Urban Yogi: A Yogic Guide To Awaken Your Authentic Power” whereas Ramoncito is a Branding Strategist with 10+ years helping businesses in the health & wellness industry have presence in the marketplace.

Over the years, many have asked Jennifer and Ramoncito about their yoga journey and how it has transformed their lives. And in this Masterclass, they’ll share a selection of their most empowering life lessons and insights that have helped shape their OMazing lives, so you too, can learn the secrets to their overall success and fulfilment, and prosper from doing what you love.

Stories on Jennifer & Ramoncito

    Michelle Catania

    Disability Support Worker

    Jennifer and Raymond are so passionate about yoga and it really inspires me. Everything Jennifer and Raymond teach, they really embody it every day.

    Before working with Raymond and Jen, I cared a lot more about what other people thought of me to the point that I would make decisions and lead my life based on wanting to people-please.

    After working with Raymond and Jen, I’ve really stepped into my power and be my best self. I feel the most myself, that I ever have. I have a lot more self-worth, I feel so much more confident and stronger, not only in yoga, but also in my personal life.

    Adrian Del Rosario

    Warehouse and Logistics

    I’ve never met anyone like Jennifer and Raymond, they’re just very accepting, genuine and compassionate – It’s hard to find people like that.

    Usually when things don’t go my way, I’d be quite bitter about it. By having Jennifer and Raymond as my teachers and mentors, I’m able to embody their traits and become a person who is more accepting of things (without attachment) and that it’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to make mistakes. By embodying these new lessons and knowledge, my life is now less stressful, I’ve been a lot more at ease and I’m able to have better relationships with the people around me.

    My yoga practice has improved and now that I’m teaching my friends and family, it’s allowed me to give something to the world.

    Parul Gupta

    Marketing Executive and Head of Content Marketing

    I love how Raymond and Jen have focused on our overall growth – as speakers, as leaders, as teachers, teaching us how to have presence, how to be concise and clear and powerful in how we talk.

    I’ve grown mentally, physically and spiritually tremendously. It’s made me confident, it’s made me trust my body, it’s made me even love my body a lot more.

    Raymond and Jen are full of great, positive energy. They’re so confident and strong, and when you’re learning from someone like that, it automatically inspires you to be them or to be like them, which is amazing for our growth.

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